Jen, Kirstie and Iona

Friday 21st July

The Girls arrived about 15:30 and I took Shard to the pontoon to get them The wind was North Easterly and Dallens Bay was a bit bumpy throughout the visit. Got back onto the mooring and had a curry courtesy of Jen's mum. Then it was off to the pub. The Old Inn of course, and we booked a table for Saturday night.

Saturday July 22nd

Weather still blowing Northerly, so we tacked out across the loch and back to Cuil Bay where we "anchored" in 14m over sand with 20m of chain, for lunch. Coming back on deck to discover we were adrift the anchor had dragged. So we abandoned the trip ashore for Bob and with difficulty retrieved the anchor (and 20m of dangling chain). No sign of seals on Balnagowan, but a good sail back to Linnhe Marine with the wind at our back. Off to the pub for a selection of steaks... superb as always. Kirstie's starter (Salmon of some sort) was also good, and they had dessert! Back on the boat the fun continued with the whisky they brought, and a game of cards.

Sunday 23rd July

Weather still Northerly, but warmer and more sunshine. After a slow start, somefolk were still in bed at 11:00! The forepeak must be comfortable enough. Sailed off, via the channel to Loch Corrie. Wind fresh and ideal direction got across in 45 minutes. Picked up a mooring, Kirstie steered and Iona picked up. Had bacon rolls for lunch and while Iona napped, Bob, Kirstie, Jen and the Skipper rowed ashore to visit the walled garden. Wind in the Loch was blowing westerly, but we motored out onto Loch Linnhe to be greeted with a North Easterly breeze. Tried to make the North end of Shuna on the return, but no luck there so we went back in through the channel. This was hard going for Shard, especially as someone decided to overtake us in the channel. Not sure about the etiquette of that! Back to the mooring and ashore for 17:00. Then they were off down the road.

A most enjoyable weekend ladies, feel free to come for longer next time!