About Tom and Shard

So basically Tom is looking for "crew".

The weeks marked with "book" on the 2018 calendar (2017 is there too as a record) are the times that he is hoping to be on the boat. If you wish to join him get in touch.
Contact him here.

This is on a no charge basis, because he's basically a sad old man looking for company but we might have to have a wee chat about, food, drink and maybe diesel.
The first consideration is weather, and then depending on what you'd like to do routes and destinations can be discussed.
You can get an idea of the layout of the boat here
Tom usually has the "man cave" as it is near the instruments, but the other berths are up for grabs.
There are some videos that you may enjoy here.

Trips so far have been around Loch Linnhe, Lismore, Loch Corrie, Balnagowan and other islands. Check the 2017 calendar for a flavour.

We are here on Google Maps