The Purser pays a visit

Sunday July 9th

We arrived at the boat and settled in. We had a wee gin and admired the scenery, the outboard died. We walked to the Old Inn, but it was shut, fortunately their WIFI was still on. Got the weather and check facebook and family.

Monday July 10th

Talked to Nick at Linnhe Marine about the engine, as Paul Zvegintzov is a "wizard" with outboards. He agreed to have a look at it. Set off for Loch Corrie no wind really, but practiced setting the sails (yes both of them). Motored over and Helene steered us to the mooring which we got second time round. Went for a couple of strolls, and had Gammon Steak with pineapple for tea.

Tuesday July 11th

Much warmer feel to the day, the wind was light and it was sunny. Motored out onto Loch Linnhe and turned South heading for Loch Aline. Got a bit harassed by some big boats and wakes but made it in through the passage. Helene on the helm. Went to the pontoon at Loch Aline Harbour £26 including shore power, nice shower block and loos. We got in just after 16:00, in time to check the shop and the Whitehouse Restaurant. Got a table booked for 19:15, we never asked the cost. Four courses £45 (a head) fantastic food (check the pics). .

Wednesday July 12th

Set off to round the south of Lismore, and back to Linnhe Marine as the weather forecast is not good. Motored round Lismore with the current in our favour, wouldn't like to do it in bad weather lots of current. Called in at Eilean na Cloiche for lunch and anchored in 3.5m of water, a bit too little, as the tide was falling. Helene rowed Bob ashore for a parambulation, and rowed back (Hamish and Katie please note). The wind had got up so we popped out the foresail and had a grand sail up the outside of Shuna and into Dallens bay. .

Thursday July 13th

Gave the boat a really good clean outside and Helene's scrubbing successfully removed a lot of wee plugs of sikiflex resulting in a wet mancave when the rain came on. Will need to get some epoxy and fix that. The Old Inn for tea, steak of course! .

Friday July 14th

Down the road about lunchtime, outboard fixed... thanks Paul. All set for the next set of visitors. .