The Chesneys pay a visit

The Chesneys - Saturday 12 August 2017

So the Chesneys, first to book, last to appear this season, after trauma on the Erskine Bridge and a motorcycle accident just outside the marina finally turned up about 15:00. Put the halyard up for the pirate flag, Greg and then Beth hauled up the mast. Just enough time to get a wee outing. A wee bit of sailing in the loch, west of Shuna island. Back to the marina in time for a visit to the Old Inn some delicious steaks and burgers. Thanks David!

Sunday 13 August 2017

A slightly heavy head due to the Auchentoshan, but a quick scoot down to Balnagowan, anchored for lunch, nice view of the seals! Then a wee sail across to Loch Corrie, where we picked up a mooring in time for a nice walk to the walled garden and back for a Lasagne tea. (Thanks Linda!) More drink was consumed and Beth and Tom took Bob ashore for a walk up the road.

Monday 14th August 2017

Pi**ing down with rain. Fired up the engine after a bacon and scrambled egg breakfast (Thanks Linda!) and motored off on a bearing of 120 degrees. Trusting to "Rod the Prod" and the calculations as the visibility was at times down to a couple of hundred yards. Picked up the buoys marking the channel and came back into the moorings for about 12:00.

A great wee weekend enjoyed by all!

Photo credits Linda Shaw