Shard's last guest of 2017

Friday September 22nd

Shard's last guest of the season Helene and Lyz were dutifully collected from the train at Connel at 11:13. After doing the usual chat we set off round Shuna, out through the channel and sailed once out on the loch. A good brisk westerly. Got some "prawns" from Belle Isle II. Boiled them up and stuffed ourselves

Saturday September 23rd

Weather kind of rough (like the crew). Went ashore for a stroll, new sculpture at the Old Inn. The girls went exploring in the afternoon and we had our tea at the Creagan Inn, back just before dark.

Sunday September 24th

Good day for a sail, sailed over to Loch Corrie in a damp drizzle. Made good time tho' and picked up our mooring. Had a nap and then at 15:00, stuck our heads out into an improving picture. The mist on the hills and the raging burns very impressive. Chillie for tea (thanks Helene!) Very calm and picturesque.

Monday September 25th

No breeze to speak of so we motored across to Linnhe Marina to let the ladies catch their train from Oban and, the boat needed supplies. (Whisky and Tobacco of course)