What's happened in 2022

Rag-end of the season

So the season draws to an end with a few favourite people calling by. Meg the HelmsPerson, and Iona came up for a weekend, oysters were eaten. Des came up for a weekend too and we enjoyed a pot of Palourdes (clams) we had a couple each raw and boiled up the remainder surprisingly sweet. A nice wee sail over to Loch a'Choire for a day. Sarah put in an appearance for night as she was involved in a mural on the outside of "The Mantrap" bar in Oban.

There is a wee video, of course, here.


Lucy, Andrew and Helene joined the boat for a few days. We did Loch Aline, Tobermory and Achadun bay by Bernera. We got some good sailing in and the weather for the most part was fine.

There is a wee video here.

31st July to 6th August

Colin, Sarah and the Sausages arrived for a weekend on their way North for a week camping trip. They brought the paddleboards and we sailed about a bit across to Kilmalieu on Morven. Then on Sunday they went off and the next party arrived Iona, Gillian and Riley.

We had ambitions to reach the isle of Iona. First stop was Loch Spelve where of course we had to have musssels which Riley enjoyed too. Then as the wind had dropped we left Loch Spelve and turned West into a rather uncomfortlable swell. There wasn't much wind and that that there was was on the nose. After about 3 hours we reached Frank Lockwood's island at the mouth of Loch Buie in which there was no shelter so we turned and headed back towards Puilladobhrain. There we anchored safely in the glorious black mud. We walked over to the pub Tigh an Truish where we dined. Next it was back up to Linnhe Marine where we dined in "The Clam" a new seafood venture, Surf and turf all round, not cheap!

A good time was had by all and there is a wee video here.

4th July 2022

As befits the date... some American visitors.
They arrived Glenn and his two buddies, with the expectation of a trip down to Oban. Unfortunately the weather was against us. We set off and got as far as the Appin point buoy. The wind was in the SW and far from ideal for heading that way, so the skipper called it and we turned back and had a fine wee bit of a sail back to Linnhe. The guests departed by car down to Oban where they had a hotel for the night. Glenn returned to sleep on the boat.

The following day the wind was in the West, so Glenn and I set off down to Oban first thing. Tide and wind suited so we were on the North Pier transit pontoon by 11:00 hours to do a scoop and scoot. The guests generously provided a very handsom bottle of Lagavullin 16 year old. We set off back up to Linnhe and had an excellent sail under perfect conditions. And yes a dent was put in the whisky before we got home to the marina!

Cruising with Matty

Dear oh Dear... I didn't take notes of the trip so this is roughly what we got up to. We ate well. We drank well, we smoked too much. We had oysters from Caledonian Oysters, we sailed to Kererra avoiding the ferries. We went down to Loch Spelve where we enjoyed some mussels and saw red deer. Then across to Loch Aline where we enjoyed a sunset rainbow and the Social club. Up the Sound of Mull to Tobermory. A pint or two in the Mishnish, but didn't manage a distillery tour, although we managed a tasting and bought some whisky. Lost a day due to laundry in Tobermory. Lost a couple of days hidiing from the weather. A cracking couple of sails of particular note was a sail south in the Sound of Mull when we sailed every point of sail. So no new ground broken but, a good week of relaxed (for the most part) cruisiing. Oh and whisky!

. There is a wee video here.

June 14th to 16th 2022

Wednesday Des and Ayngrin have been touring Scotland for a few days and rocked up at Linnhe Marine at about 16:00. I had Shard waiting for them on the pontoon. We got all the stuff loaded and filled up with water. Ayngrin cooked us a vegetable curry and then we adjourned to the pub and there made plans.
Thursday Off to Loch Aline. Got the tides worked out just fine but the wind was S -> SW in the Lynn of Morven. On turning the corner into the Sound of Mull it switched to the NE which suited us fine. We picked up a mooring in Loch aline as there is heavy wind in the forecast. Ashore to explore and pay our fee. A dram or two was taken as Des prepared quorn "meatballs" and pasta. Then of to the Social club for a game or two of Fluff.
Friday Tides worked out at a noon departure. The weather was wet in the AM but, the forecast was an improving one. Shot out the channel at 6.8 knots speed over ground. In the Sound the wind was Westerly over our shoulder foresail out with one reef. Good speed. Turning the corner into the Lynn of Morven with a wee gybe, a Minke whale paid a very brief visit just 5m off the boat, we were somewhat too busy to fully appreciate it at the time. Back at Linnhe for 15:00, a wonderful sail!

29th April to May 1st 2022

Friday Robbie and Iona arrived at about 18:00.

Saturday Weather is wet and cool with a Southerly force 3 or 4. Set sail for Loch a'Choire. We used the fisherman's mooring but only Tom and the dogs went ashore. Back at Linnhe we headed down to the Old inn where Robbie had chicken and mash.

Sunday All week Dougal has had bad tummy problems and was now shitting blood. So very kindly Iona and Robbie cut short their visit to take Dougal to the emergency vets. They checked him out and fixed him ... fixed to the tune of £411!!

9th April 2022

So first "guests" of the season are Helene, Iona and Gillian with Riley and Dougal. They arrived up on Friday and were disappointed that the Old Inn was closed due to COVID. On Saturday we cleaned the boat while waiting on the tide turning, then headed off South for Kerrera. The wind was in the North so we made good time and had the usual tense ferry dodging entrance to Oban bay. The marina was fairly quiet it being early in the season but the pub/restaurant was open, so we booked in for an evening meal. Helene had a pot of mussels, I had haddock and the girls had a hearty beef stew with a giant yorkshire pud. Wine and desserts were consumed too. On Sunday we walked down the new road to the ferry, and visited both farm shops on the way back on the old track. The staff at the marina were very friendly and the service in the restaurant was superb. Monday The wind was a brisk Easterly quite rough in the bay. We put out the foresail but had to partially reef it in for comfort, the wind was a bit flooky coming off the land an with gusts of 28 knots at times an interesting passage. As we got closer to Linnhe it backed more to he North so the sail was furled and the engine started as we passed the Appin lighthouse and entered the channel. All in all a good wee trip to start the season.

A wee video here.

31st March 2022

After several visits to Loch Nell boat storage in February and March, Hamish and I finally got the improvments made to Shard. A second leisure battery, a more or less complete re-wiring and a solar panel. Some painting, new through the deck fittings new lights in the head and forepeak. We got put on the hoist on the morning of the 30th and taken to the crane, where the old wind guage was removed and the VHF antenna replaced. Kevin Boyd attended to some dings in the hull and the chunk out of the keel was mended. Overnight on the hoist and in with the tide at 06:00. after a spot of breakfast I took Hamish ashore for him to go down the road. I waited until noon then headed up to Linnhe Marine with the tide. It is so... so good to be back!

A big thanks as always to Loch Nell Boat Yard for all their help... Cheers Andy!

A wee video here.