What's happening in 2021

Wild swimming

Round to Aird's bay and anchored in about 3.5m. We could see the bottom!! The girls changed into wet suits and Tom got into the dinghy. Its cold, water temp around 8ÂșC. There has been snow on the hills. Sarah has organised a DOOK 100 event for LAMH and this is our wee contribution. After a swim round the boat, drying off before hypothermia set in, and a wee walk ashore its back round to Linnhe before we hit the bottom.
The girls get packed up and its time for them to head off down the road. It was a grand weekend, Riley and Dougal behaved well and the madness of the swim had us all buzzing. Dougal and Tom remained on the boat despite the somewhat dire NE gale warning.
Dougal and Tom remained on the boat having a rare old time. Scott from HEATWAVE was arranged to come up on Wednesday to service the cooker and check gas safety. Which went well. So all systems are now functioning. Down the road on Thursday to vote.
Video of it all here.

Home again...

Opened up the instrument panel to find a loose connection. Fixed and re-assembled, all instuments working. Iona, Sarah, Riley and dougal are due up this evening so the bunting went up and the boat taken alongside the pontoon by Helene.
Karen joined us for a walk then breakfast and mad cleaning from the girls to get the shore muck cleaned off topside. An excellent job.
All too soon its time for a shower then off down the track to the Old Inn. Miss Bridgerton put in an appearance. Two T-bones and two rump steaks later and it was as good as anticipated, soft drinks only at the table but otherwise perfect. Back at the boat drink was taken and dominoes played.

28th April 2021

After a bit of mucking about bending sails and organising of cars its off up the Loch to Linnhe. A NE breeze takes us out of Loch Nell on the foresail, but rounding the point the engine has to go on. Due to the lack of instruments Helene helmed all the way.

26th April 2021

So the travel restrictions and over night stay restrictions are lifted. Happy birthday to me! Off up to Loch Nell Boat Storage in the wee car with a bucket of anti-fouling. At the boat yard Andy is on good form. Shard has her new wind guage fitted and the new ignition panel complete with functioning stop switch. Then again the heating on the boat doesn't work and the cooker is acting up. Hey ho! There are occassional showers but the anti-foul goes on anyway. However I ran out of paint.
27th April
Creran Marine has some in stock but, its all spoken for, the wee chandlery at Dunstaffinage doesn't stock International paint. The big posh reception does have one can left. Back at the yard job done. Andy fixes the heating cleaning and coating the connections in the port locker with WD40. So we're good to go. Launch is on the evening tide Helene after dealing with a haemoraging child in Callendar just makes it as the boat is on the hoist. We get lifted in and its off to the mooring. Overnight on the mooring.