What's happening in 2020

Last look at the Season

Well that's the season over, and Shard is "out on the hard" for the winter. Despite the COVID-19 carry on it was a good season with some great saling. We frequented Loch Corrie, Aird's bay, Loch Spelve and Puilladobhrain among other places. Our visitor numbers were down, but thanks are due to those who braved the restrictions. (you know who you are!) Thanks must also go to The Old Inn (Appin) for the wonderful food and hospitality as well as the superb Linnhe Marine and Loch Nell boat storage.

The video has the highlights and a few shots of the famous Linnhe bounce that you get in a north easterly, don't let it put you off.

Hopefully next year will bring a longer season, with less COVID hassle. Roll on 2021

More lovely Appin

The strange year continues, with some mixed weather. At times its glorious and at other times its "atmospheric" shall we say. Visitors are a bit thin on the ground but that's understandable with all the Corona virus stuff going on. However the pub is open and the gang is mostly all here. Some folk have just decided not to launch at all this year. The fishing is good tho' lots of mackerel about. I'm up here without a car so the bike has been brought out of retirement, its not a bad cycle down to the shop in Port Appin and they are well enough stocked to enable me to survive.

Sarah, Jenny and her man paid a wee visit, we had a good night of cards and plenty to drink but the weather was not great and the NE wind took its toll!! They went ashore "a bit green at the gills", nice to see them tho'

We managed to get booked into the Old Inn and get some langoustines for Iona and Meg's visit. They arrived at about 18:30 and our table was for 19:30.

The weather is not too great for the visit but, we pottered about quite happily, taking in Appin Stores and Sutherlands grove and even got a wee sail in.

There are some highs in the video.

Funny old year

So it's been a funny start to the year. Shard was ready to go in April, then we went into lockdown. All the pubs restaurants and islands are shut. So it was July when we finally got into the water. Monday we launched without any major issues, and spent the night on the boatyard mooring. Oysters and mussels courtesy of Loch Nell Oysters. A nice motor up to Linnhe with the bunting (thanks Iona) flying Helene was much more confident on the tiller.

Just glad to be back on the water.

Iona was appointed dog courier, so she joined us on Wednesday with Dougal. We just pottered about cleaning, a visit to Balnagowan to see the seals that sort of thing. Took the dinghy to Castle Stalker for a sneaky peek. Most stuff is still shut, poor old Oban is like a ghost town.

Helene went down the road and just after that the Fish Farm office caught fire... great excitement. The toilet and shower part of the building were not too damaged but the power was out so no showers in that spot. Iona and I went to the Old Inn where we shared the 50oz ribeye... epic.

A few days on my own with Dougal, mixed weather. Dougal ate a whole raw fish from Willie's bait in the laybye... drastic digestive consequences!

Then Karen and Iona joined us for a weekend. We again just pottered about, Loch a'Choire and Balnagowan. Then Doug booked us in to the Old Inn where Iona had a t-bone, dougal got the bone. So that's Iona 2 : Helene 0 in terms of the Old Inn score so far.

Karen seemed to enjoy herself and went off down the road. Iona after a meal at the Creagan followed. We got an "Eat out to Help out" discount on the meal.

Down the road in torrential rain for a grooming Dougal and me both!

There are some highs in the video.