Sarah Ann Marshall


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Every moment is fleeting and unique-
and that is the beauty of them.
'The Fabrication of Time' highlights the importance of these moments. Through photography, experimental ceramics and jewellery I have developed a series of pieces exploring this theme, creating a feeling of movement and attempting to evoke the intangible, fragile nature of life.

The cubists attempted to highlight different perspectives of one scene, by generating multifaceted surfaces exploring an object of interest in its entirety. My work focuses on the futility of their cause.

I believe it is impossible to truly ensnare a point in time;
the feelings you had,
the experience you gained
and the perspective you viewed it from.
The way we strive to capture every day has hugely influenced my work. It has driven me in this project, placing emphasis on being fully in each moment and appreciating the importance of time and place.