The Cyprus Trip

 The Video

So the WHOLE family went on holiday to Cyprus with Hamish's Katie, Sarah's Colin T and Jenny in anticipation of Tom's 60th birthday at the end of the month. We rented a villa with a cold pool in a village called Argaka. With 2 cars we toured about from Paphos to Polis and many a spot in between. The cherry on the cake was that Tom's sister (Elizabeth) and her man (Ian) also paid a visit as a surprise. Helene is worryingly good at deceipt!!

Scuba diving, boat trips, visits to mosaics, beaches, Aphrodite's ... Rock, Baths, Hills. A wine museum and much more. Colin's services as a chauffeur in the Merc were much appreciated, Hamish's services as a driver less so. Watch out for the incident starting at 2 mins 23 secs.

A grand time was had by all!!